Option Strategies

When there are so many option trading strategies already , why do we need a new strategy ? One of our clients was very right in asking this question.

But there are two issues which are not fully resolved.

First, all standard option trading strategies such as long strangle, short strangle, straddle, butterfly , iron condor, strips, straps etc. are surly ueful in trading options but have their own limitations. If you try to reduce risk,the reward becomes too low to be attractive and if you try to improve returns, the risk becomes too high.

Second , in all these strategies if you want to extract decent returns, you require lot of adjustments, which means higher brokerage and higher transaction cost. This reduces possible profits by considerable percentage. So we need to have strategy which gives decent returns, no risk and also is easy to maintain and execute.

Fortunately, in MASTER STRATEGY we got all theses solutions.

  • Very good returns.
  • Very few adjustments.
  • Practically , risk free.
  • Lot of mental peace.

and hence the name MASTER STRATEGY.

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