Lots of queries on how can we get historical data of options ? or many times we get a query , Is there a way to get historical data for options at all ?

Yes , you can get historical data for futures, options and prices of these for any historical date . This can be done on NSE website. Let us give you step by step process to check any historical data.


  1. Go to website www.nseindia.com .
  2. In the top menu, just go to products. No need to click.
  3. Under products, click equity derivatives, just below Derivatives column.
  4. Once you click this, a new page will open. Scroll down and you will see three folders, one of which says Historical Data.
  5. Click Historical Data. First thing you will see is Contract-wise archives. Click search below this contract wise archive.
  6. A new page will open with some drop downs. First drop down is instrument. Choose whatever you want – options, futures for stock or index.
  7. Select symbol for the stock or index you want to choose, select year, date of expiry, type and relevant period.
  8. Click get data and that’s it. You will get any historical data in a simple table. Data also includes high, low, Open interest, change in Open interest in addition to other useful information. If you want, you can download it also.


So, go ahead and check the data. Use this data for doing any back testing of your strategies.

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