to your Options Trading Learning Journey. I'm Pradeep Singla, Option Trader & Trainer, trading Options since 2009 & conducting workshops since 2013.
I have learned these skills very hard way by actually trading , spending huge amount of time & effort.
But I provide all support, guidance and tools to you for successful experience in trading Options.

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2 Days Options Workshop


Complete recording of two days workshop is available.

The recording will be shared for 1 month period. 

After you completely go through the content of the recording, one ZOOM session will be conducted for doubt clearing.

2 days comprehensive Option strategy workshop includes discussions on the following topics. We try to simplify Option Trading concepts in the workshop with the help of case studies with real Options data and Backtesting of Option strategies.

Basic Topics

(Option Mechanisms, Factors effecting Option Pricing, OI reading & analyses, Margin requirements, Selling vs Buying of Options, Implied Volatility, Case Study on Option Mechanism)

# Practical usage of Greeks
(Know your Greeks, understand the meaning of numbers, how to practically use Greeks in your trading, adjustments using Greeks, Case study on Greeks Usage)

# Option Trading Strategies & Adjustments
( Vertical spreads , Short strangles , Iron condors, Iron Butterflies , Time spreads - Calendar, Double Calendar , Diagonal, Double Diagonal , Covered Call , Ratio Spreads )

# Fire fighting Techniques

(There will be times in your options trading journey, when you need to deploy advance techniques of options adjustments. This will be discussed in Fire fighting techniques) 

# TOS wealth Cycle

(Our own method of deploying the option strategies into a perfect method for wealth creation known as the option school wealth cycle of options trading) 

# One month Hand holding 

(When you go back to stock markets after two days of options workshop, you may still require some guidance for your option trades or option trade adjustments. We will provide you the required support for option trading strategies learned in the workshop)

Why The Option School ?

Pioneers in Options Education, providing trainings in Option trading strategies since 2013.
Led by IIM alumnus, our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and successfully navigate the world of options trading.
Do you think trading Options is a serious Business?
Options trading is a highly profitable business, with the potential to match or even surpass earnings from a traditional job or business.
However, it is important to approach options trading as a serious business and not as a form of gambling.
If you treat the stock market as a business, it will behave like one, with the potential for better returns than any other business.
On the other hand, if you view it as a place to gamble, the stock market will simply behave like a casino for you.
Options Training
Our training programs are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of options trading, covering a wide range of topics including option strategies and adjustments.
We believe that a deep understanding of the market and the ability to adjust strategies according to market conditions are essential for success in options trading.
Option Adjustments
One of the key elements of our training is the focus on option adjustments.
We believe that the ability to adjust your strategies according to market conditions is crucial for success in options trading.
Our training programs cover various adjustment techniques such as rolling, hedging and adjusting strikes, etc.
This helps our students to make informed decisions based on their risk tolerance and investment goals.
Remove Prediction from your Options trading and you are into a very genuine business.
Remove gambling from your Options trading and you are on path to generate consistent monthly returns.
Do not worry about bullish, bearish or sideways markets. Markets will always surprise even the biggest of analysts.
Problem is not with stock markets, Problem is with our approach towards stock markets.
Through right training in Option Strategies and Adjustments, one can develop a right approach towards markets to make consistent returns.

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