Very Impressive Method

Hi, I attended the Option Strategy seminar with "THE OPTION SCHOOL" yesterday in Bangalore, I found it very useful and the teaching method was very impressive, thanks to Mr. Pradeep.
K Govindarajan , Bangalore

Opened the Door for Great Opportunities

I have extreme pleasure to express that One-day Workshop on OPTIONS organized by the OPTION SCHOOL on 15.09.2013 has been an eye-opening experience to me. Being a novice in the field I had a very limited knowledge about Options. In spite of this, in past, I ventured in crude and naked option trade. These trades met their natural death and resulted into loss.
But, this workshop has opened the door for great opportunities which lies in the form of enormous potential in Options-trade. The strategies explained in the workshop are sufficient to ensure regular flow of profit in all type of markets whether bullish or bearish even in highly volatile condition.
The programme is well-structured in logical manner to contain all relevant topics from concepts to practical strategies with a meaningful discussion on discipline and event-management with interesting live and true examples. Technical jargon and complexities involved in strategies have been simplified in lucid manner with the help of day-to-day examples.
The beauty of the course is individualized need-based instructions. Personal one-to-one discussion led to great enrichment and deep satisfaction of participants. Above this, invaluable practical tips were imparted to acquire and improve trade-skills. Undoubtedly, the workshop is highly useful to traders and investors alike. It would be better if they devise a format of Paper trading worksheet in Excel and provide it to participants. It will certainly add the value to the Programme
I extend my sincere appreciation and admiration to the Option School and its Faculties. My best wishes to them for all successes in their future ventures.
K Mohan

Logic is very practical, highly recommend

Intially I was very much confused whether to attend or not this workshop. However post attending i m very much satisfied, think it was worth attending it and highly recommend. The logic is very practical and applicable in real market much different than the confusing technical analysis which is very complicated. Thanks Pradip sir and team who co-ordinated and convinced me to attend the workshop.
Virta Jain , Mumbai


These Guys are Awesome

I have been associated with TOS from last 8 months & THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME.... They have tremendously grown in size and the credit completely goes to their passion to track market and obviously gain from it. Their acumen in visualizing the market trend well in advance and designing the strategies has been marvelous. Personally my interaction & association with TOS over the last 8 months has been hugely beneficial monetarily and knowledge wise. I would have no hesitation in recommending TOS to the traders & investors who wanted to make profits out of this unpredictable market.
Raman Jindal , Gr.Noida


Unique strategy, Mr Pradeep amazingly talented

After doing nearly 10 trainings and spending in lacs in past, I joined TOS training. This is the unique strategy. Mr Pradeep sir is an amazingly talented individual. I have taken training and also the advisory. This has given me more insight to this complex subject. Thanks to TOS team, you made this topic way simpler. Amazing and Unique! Hats off to you and good luck! It's like holy grail, consistent returns. I was told by Pradeep sir that "You'll NEVER lose in stock market!". and it's coming true. Nifty has gone down by 350+ points in last 2 days but I am in profit. Moreover, I am not bothered if it's going up or down! :-) Forget everything, and join TOS!!!
Mangesh Gholkar , Pune


Easy to learn, well expressed

Very Very practical training. Easy to learn the basics through their interesting examples and well expressed material. Anybody interested in stock market must do this.
sanjeev , chandigarh


Fully confident to recover

I took long time to decide on attending the training and increased my losses. I should have attended this training when i first saw the website. It would have saved so much of money i lost in trading. Anyway , glad that i have learned the method now and fully confident that i will recover my losses. Thanks Sir.
ritesh, bangalore


Informative Training

I attended the Options training workshop on 3rd Oct, in Noida . I am a beginner in options trading and have found the workshop to be very helpful.Different strategies were covered and I am looking forward to start options trading.
Thanks Pradeep sir for the informative training.

Best regards,

Mousumi, Noida


Attended Option strategy workshop, the training was very impressive, informative and insightful.

I always wanted to learn non directional trading strategies where there is no need to predict the direction of the market. After searching in many institutes, I enrolled in THE OPTION SCHOOL. Now I can practically trade in the market without the fear of losing money and make decent returns.


The online workshop on Options Trading was very informative. The interactive sessions were very lucid explaining the practical nuances of Options Trading. The workshop has significantly boosted my confidence to trade Options.

Thanks Pradeep for sharing the knowledge and conducting the workshop so wonderfully.



Most Genuine Person

PRADEEP SIR is one of the MOST GENUINE PERSON I have ever met in my life.I
did one day course in JULY 2014 at NOIDA.
I was doing OPTION TRADING without taking any precautions or adjustments before doing this course.
IN AUGUST 2015, NIFTY fell down by over 400 points in one day and my positions became in the money due to which I was suffering huge financial loss.
Then I called PRADEEP SIR and he gave me his valuable input even after one year of course without any charges or fee.
After following his specialized knowledge I covered all my looses in four months and started earning again.



Nitin Aggarwal, New Delhi

View of Stock Market changed

On Sunday i attend a workshop of Advance Option at Mumbai. After workshop the view of stock market have changed Stock market is not for loss its only profit profit....And TOS (Pradeep Sir) is a Magician. who have taught us Magical tricks to earn profit from stock market. Thank you to TOS and specially to Pradeep Sir

shakil , Jamnagar



I have attended one day workshop and the content is really great. I am into stock markets from many years and was trading options in totally wrong way. Was always confused why i was loosing. After attending this workshop, got the real grip on options. Thanks to the faculty and the brilliant team of TOS. They really help to make the learning process practical and profitable. THANKS.



Simplified Teaching Method

I Have attended your training last week at Bangalore and It has given me a confidence to trade in the derivative market without any fear of loss. In fact I was attracted by Share market in 2010 and I started trading in equity after an year of R&D, training and quite trading after losing 10% of capital. I have spent more than 50,000 to understand the market for various resources like magazines, trainings, market tips etc and realized that it is difficult to make decent returns by trading Equities with the capital I had. And I also realized that derivative market is best choice to make some decent returns. After this conclusion I started looking around for the ways to enter the derivative market. I tried various trainings, market tips etc.. for the past 3 years and nothing gives me a confident to enter in the market as my work nature do not allow me have a close look at the market. The training I have attended last week made me to have a grip over the market and now I am planning to enter the derivative market after watching for 3 months with the strategies I have learned. Thanks to Mr. Pradeep for simplified teaching methods.

Excellent Program

Thanks Pradip sir, for for an excellent program training on options. After attending the workshop my understanding of options heightened. Pradip Sir creates the spark that ignites a whole new thought process in your mind , which motivates us to make our own strategies with hedging. Senthil N , Mumbai