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You can buy the following videos for learning the strategies. These are detailed videos with entry, exit guidelines as well as adjustments. They also include different back testings to make the whole process very clear.
1. IRON CONDOR - 8 videos, 2 hours + content, Price 5900 /-
2. SHORT STRANGLE + COVERED CALL - Recorded webinar 3 hours + , Short strangle as passive strategy, short strangle as active strategy, long term wealth creation through covered call ( 4 legged), Price  7500 /-
3. IRON BUTTERFLY & BUTTERFLY - Nifty & BANKNIFTY - Adjustments, backtesting , trade management without any significant risk to capital, 3 hours + content , recorded webinar , Price 7500 /-
4. CALENDAR SPREAD & DOUBLE CALENDAR SPREADS - 4+ hours, recorded webinar, excellent adjustments, backtesting of real trades, Low-risk high return strategy, Price 8500 /-
5. DEBIT SPREADS & COVERED CALL IN NIFTY  - 3+ hours, recorded webinar, Highly underutilized setups, extremely low risk, Nifty covered call strategy is for traders who are for long term in the markets, Price 9000 /-
6. ADVANCED IRON BUTTERFLY  - 3+ hours, recorded webinar, Non- conventional way of creating Iron butterflies in Nifty with excellent results. Good for experienced traders, who are somewhat conversant with normal iron butterfly trades.  Price 7500 /-
7. DIAGONAL & DOUBLE DIAGONAL SPREAD  - 3+ hours, recorded webinar. Advance options trading strategy for experienced traders. Works well in low vix as well as moderate VIX environments. Better to first have a good know-how of Calendar Spread option strategy.  Price 8500 /-