( Also get 15 MINUTE session of telephonic discussion with our MENTORS for buying any strategy to get real , practical understanding of strategy).
You can also take following files for individual strategies. These files are mix of pdf + videos. File contains details of how to create that particular  strategy , how and when to make adjustments and how to lock profits. All are positional and hedged strategies. 
1. BASICS PACK –  If you are new to derivatives market, you need to go through this to understand the basics. We have also included many worksheets for your practice (with answers) so that you can check your understanding of various concepts , re-read and re-check till you become 100% clear in basic mechanisms of options. This option pack includes all the know-how of greeks, their usage, practice worksheets and two practical CASE STUDIES.   Price –   Rs 6500 /- only.
2. INTERMEDIATE PACK  – After knowing the basics, trader needs to execute and implement the strategies in a best possible way. In this pack we give excellent adjustment techniques for two legged strategies. These two legged strategies can be used independently or in combination with each other. We also give you guidelines on how to and when to create these strategies, when to adjust, what should be the adjustment. Its a complete package for trader who wants to generate around 4% to 5% monthly returns from the markets. Explained with examples for different scenarios. This includes our unique adjustment process also. Pack includes Bear call spread , Bull put spread in pdf, Iron condor (8 videos), Short strangle (video)..  Price –   Rs 12000/- 
3. ADVANCED STRATEGIES  – You have already used two legged strategies and now are ready to understand three legged or four legged strategies. ALSO, you want to generate monthly as well as long term returns in your portfolio with the same capital ( Yes, you do not need different capital ) , then you should go for this pack. It gives you fantastic monthly strategies, as well as long term wealth creation strategy.  Plus two BONUS strategies for EVENTS (like – election, budget, results etc.). Includes video for Iron butterfly & butterfly in Nifty & banknifty, Covered call & debit spread ( videos), Naked Put (pdf), Ratio Spread (pdf) , event strategies (pdf). Use this pack for building long term portfolio as well as for monthly returns. Entry, Adjustment and exit explained very clearly with examples.. Price –  Rs 16000/- 
4. PASSIVE INCOME STRATEGY – One of the BEST option strategy to make passive income from stock markets. If market doesn’t move, one can make around 2%  and if it moves , profits can be 8% also. Suitable for trader who is occupied in job/business and cannot monitor his trades real time. Combination of strategies, do not require adjustments and hence very useful for traders who want to trade passively.         – Rs 9500 / –