Who is an intelligent investor in stock markets ?

As Benjamin Graham explained in his book, this kind of intelligence has nothing to do with your IQ or score in any competitive exam.

It simply means being patient, disciplined and eager to learn.

Also, you must be able to control your emotions and think clearly.

Easiest thing in stock markets is to get carried away. We get carried away by the ever changing environment and news we are following very closely, specially during market hours. This uncontrolled behaviour , almost always leads to irreversible losses.

This happens more than often because there is no logic or strategy working for your trades. There is no predefined plan or path for the trade. Mostly, traders try to catch the running bus and as soon as they are able to catch the bus, the bus not only stops but also reverses.

There is a huge difference between investment and speculation. An intelligent investment is an investment, which promises safety of capital and adequate returns. Any trade which do not protect your capital to large extent, is not investment, it is just a speculation.

Directional trading without any kind of hedging , is surely a speculation,
whereas hedged trading where you know the consequences of your trade,
where you know what is the right point for taking appropriate action, qualifies as intelligent investment.

Is such a hedged trading , a rocket science ?

Yes and no.

Yes, if you do not know how to effectively do this.

No, if you have learned the art of Non-directional Hedged trading.

Do you require exceptionally high IQ or intelligence for learning non-directional, hedged trading ?

No, you do not require to be super intelligent for learning this kind of trading but Yes, you need to have strong  discipline to unlearn the speculative, un-hedged kind of trading, you are surrounded by through media, tips , brokers etc.

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