When we think of somebody who is a full time trader, we definitely imagine somebody sitting in front of computer screens all day and staring charts !

He doesn’t even goes to bathroom , in case he goes, his trades may not go against him.

Well , there is another version of an OPTIONS TRADER .

He checks his positions once or twice a day only, because his positions are always hedged.

Even that also is automated by setting some email or mobile alerts.

He gets an alert whenever he needs to adjust his position. It takes not more than 5 minutes to do trades.

There are so many advantages for positional, hedged , strategic option trader.

Need not trade everything under the sky. Have just 3 to 4 trades for the month.

No traffic to commute as this can be very well done from a home.

And yes, pretty decent and consistent earnings can be made.

Once you have set the trades, just set some alerts and adjust as per the plans already made. That’s it. Now you can enjoy your whole day for whatever you want to do. If you are employed, continue doing you work and get this extra income.

But if you are full time into trading, this can be really BORING .

Yes , it is really BORING , because if you have learned not to overtrade,(i.e.keep watching the screens unnecessarily , keep watching business channels , keep looking for opportunities ), than you are into a hedged positional trade which will give you profit over a period of time.

Your strategy is doing everything and you are NOT required to do anything , most of the time.

So isn’t it really BORING.

But, this is Ok with me because, in any case , we are in stock markets for making profits, not for entertainment.

This type of trading can really change life. Sure, it takes some time to learn but than no matter what happens, as long as you are having your computer and internet, you can earn your living. This is real financial freedom !